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This was from a challenge done in the Korrlok Chat tonight! We had a word war  based off writeworld’s prompt for today “We Need to Hurry” and these are the stories that have resulted! 

Participants: savkobresia, zenaga, lunarblue21. 

Tarrlok’s words drop into Korra’s skin like droplets of rain falling onto her body, washing it clean as she stares at him, shooting a glance at Asami as he finishes speaking.

Her mind fills with images from his past, seeing, in her mind’s eye, the crumpled face of young Tarrlok as he bloodbends a pack of wolves… and then his sorrowful face at dinner after the disappearance of his brother, Amon – Noatak, she corrects herself – before she raises her own face to stare at him.

He watches her from inside his cell, his expression making her feel as if she is being eyed by a latent predator.

Asami rests her hand on her hip, shooting Korra an irritated look. The young woman is pleased that Korra is learning more patience since their friendship is deepening, but she is becoming rather frustrated over Korra’s contemplation of the former councilman.

Just as Asami is about to speak, Korra steps forward to the cell, her eyes narrowing as she draws out her water skin. Tarrlok’s eyes widen in surprise as he stares at her, the dawn of realisation entering his blue eyes as he rises to his feet slowly.

“I’m getting you out of here, Tarrlok,” Korra murmurs out of gritted teeth as she slices through the metal bars of the cell with quick, hard, back and forth movements. After a moment, her shoulders slump from exhaustion and she utters, wearily, “What I wouldn’t give to have learnt metalbending!”

Tarrlok rests his hands against the bars, giving them a good shake to try and loosen them, staring at the two women, his face a picture of sheer disbelief,

“You’re letting me out?” He asks, his hand brushing against Korra’s as she begins slicing water through the cell bars again. “But why?”

Asami steps up against the bars of the cell, sending him a gracious smile,

“Tarrlok, you’ve done some pretty awful things to both me and Korra, but we forgive you,” She explains. She gives Korra a pointed nudge, “Go on, tell him,” She adds with a hiss.

Korra glances up at her, into the heiress’ green eyes with a look of exasperation etched on her face,

“I’m helping him escape from his prison, what else do I have to do?” She complains.

Asami gives no answer in reply but merely arches her eyebrows meaningfully at Korra, making the young Water Tribe woman sigh in response. She turns to face Tarrlok; her hands brushing against his as she creates a rift in the metal bars, making a stack of three of them open a row of dark empty spaces.

“I forgive you, too, for kidnapping me like you did,” She states, trying to be as impassive as possible but the shield she has put up on her face cracks slightly as her hand makes contact with Tarrlok’s. “And I was wrong of you to drive you to fight me that night in City Hall, so I hope that you can forgive me too.”

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Bye all of you in the Korrlok Chat and oh dear this continuation of “People Will Talk” is getting long and it’s not finished yet

Also Korra writes bad fanfiction in it XD Stay tuned everyone! #alsoidonotsupportslash #disclaimer #thenwhyamiwritingit #thatiscertainlyanirony


Ey Korrlokers!!! I have an awesome idea!!!

So, who wants to hear all about it? 

Yes I am not going to tell you about it right away comment and like and reblog first so I can see how much interest there is in this although those in the Korrlok Chat are in the know already ;D 

It’s something to create more interaction in this tag since it is usually so quiet and it will be FUN, I tell you! FUN! :D 

Bye Guys

Since I was cut off on my computer and unable to say goodbye, bye guys! Twas good to talk with you :) Also sav what did you think of my sneaky proposal bombshell? ;D

To all my friends in the Korrlok Chat

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Hello, hello, hello! What follows is a roleplay that Lunar and I did in the Korrlok chat last night in an attempt to alleviate some of the sadfeels from an upcoming *sort of* collab (aka Lunar is writing an absolutely beautiful fic and I’m making some shitty art to go with it.) This roleplay is basically a retelling of their first meeting where Tarrlok comes to visit her on Air Temple Island, and of course there is some serious eye-fucking going on because we are Korrlok fans and it was late and we just don’t give a fuck. Eye-fucking is the cure for feels.

Roleplay Date: 8/29/12

Total Word Count: 1,599

Genre: Eye-fucking. Flirting. So I dunno, fluff? Lusty fluff?


Korra, played by Lunar

Tarrlok, played by Zen



Tarrlok felt oddly nervous as he walked down the corridor, heading towards Korra’s room. Tenzin’s son had pointed him in the correct direction, but he wasn’t sure if it was appropriate for him to even be in this part of the monastery. He tried to shake off that feeling as he walked with steady steps, hoping that he was going the right way.

Korra scowled on her bed, feeling bored. She was expecting an important visitor today in the form of a councilman from Tenzin’s work and she wasn’t sure what to make of it. She knew from the papers he was quite handsome, which honestly gave birth to two conflicting feelings within her: admiration and a slight trepidation. Why am I scared of him, she asked herself. He’s just a man from Tenzin’s council. He probably wants nothing to really do with me.

As Tarrlok reached the end of the long hallway, he stopped, furrowing his brow in confusion. Did he end up going down the wrong hallway after all? Cautiously, he approached one of the screens on his right, stopping before it for a few moments before lifting his fist to knock on the wall next to it. What if she’s somewhat frightened by my sudden appearance? I wasn’t supposed to be here for another hour… oh dear, what if she doesn’t like me? He felt foolish as those thoughts ran through his head, but he gathered enough courage to force himself to knock, hoping that it was the right room.

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I love this little fic we did <3 Everyone should read it, their UST and the chemistry is riveting! ;D And they clicked so easily, so unlike her first interactions with Mako! Also these scenes are now part of my canon :D