Hello everybody! I'm Tawny, and this is going to be a multi-fandom blog, from
cartoons like Lok to TV shows like BSG and GoT and Sherlock and classic novels like Anne of Green Gables and more, such as history!!! There's gonna be something here for everyone! ;)

Fandoms: Ice Age, Community, Rise of the Guardians, Doctor Who, TASM, Legend of Korra/Avatar the Last Airbender, Young Justice, How to Train Your Dragon, OUATIW, Casson Family series, bbc Sherlock, GLTAS, Anne of Green Gables, Epic 2013 (and Blue Sky as a company in general) Tangled, Beauty and the Beast, ICarly, The Land Before Time, Hetalia, GoT, Battlestar Galactica (2003) and other tv shows/movies that aren't mentioned on here that I have a tertiary interest in but not enough to go "full fandom" on them. (For example: Frozen, Good Luck Charlie.)

In short, I'm very multifandom and please keep that in mind when following! ;)

Also, whilst this is my personal/fandom blog, it functions as a writing blog of sorts since I reblog so many writing tips and helps.

I am also a Christian, so expect to see bible verse and discussions on the Christian life/life lived through a Christian lenses (which most of my meta comes from - especially for Ice Age)

I'd also like to say that I post a LOT of Ice Age posts on this blog (ranging from meta to fic to speculation to general discussion), and get a lot of Ice Age anons nowadays, so please be aware of that before you click the follow button!

Addendum: I also write A LOT (tis my favourite thing) so don't be afraid to send me a request :) However, please be patient with me since I often get many!

Ships: Jeff/Annie (OTP of OTPs) Manny/Diego (bromance/BrOTP (of brotps)), Doctor/River (Eleven/River) (OTP), Amy/Rory (OTP) Manny/Ellie (OTP) Gwen Stacy/Peter Parker (OTP)Permanent Rose/Tom Levin (OTP
Wally West/Artemis Crock (OTP) Korra/Tarrlok (OTP) Bolin/Korra (OTP) Katara/Aang (OTP) Queen Tara/Ronin (OTP) and others.

Don't be afraid to send me an ask if you want me to write a pairing!


Tumblr Crushes:
icyblueroses (Hi :)) 
peachdoxie (*glomps you into a hug* Sorry for all those RoTG feels I give you!) 
fuckyeah-toothfairy (Such a good blog for Tooth :D) 
salixj (your blog is so beautiful and I love your commentary on topics! :3) 
emmaontheice (This Emma Frost RoTG blog is delightful and filled with feels) 
ramblingsofalibrarydenizen (I love talking with you, you’re so sweet!) 
writeworld (such a good resource) 
First crushes of the New Year :D 

Tumblr Crushes:

First crushes of the New Year :D 


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