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Anonymous asked
I don't get season 4 Jeff/Annie. They planned a couples costume together, plan a ski trip away from other people, Jeff booked one hotel room for both of them (not sure?). But they're not *together*.


No arguments here, my dear anon. Here’s a related tale I’ve told more than once…but not recently. My deepest apologies to those who already know it.

The first time we were watching Season 4, in the first episode, I thought Jeff and Annie’s behavior was understandably flirty…I mean, VSA happened near the end of S3, which seemed to be negative for them, but then it was contradicted almost immediately after by Annie’s behavior, especially during Lupine Urology (She was practically drooling all over him as they lawed together.) The wife and I put it down, and still do to this day to Annie being on the defensive due to Abed’s dickish behavior when she just wanted to play with him, and the fact that she DOESN’T love Jeff…it’d be slightly disturbing if she did at this point. She can be highly attracted to him, and on the path towards love…but there’s some distance to go there before being in love with him is…for lack of a better word, ‘healthy.’ Anyway, we also know that Annie was in Jeff’s heart…so when they were all up in each other’s business in S4E1 (Annie giving Jeff a ‘hard time’ about saving seats, etc, wanting to pull pranks with him, Jeff bringing her the first red ball) we kinda figured that maybe they were together now, like Britta and Troy, but it just wasn’t stated clearly yet.

Then E2…They (badly) plan a two-person costume. I turn to my wife and say “Ok…so that means they’re together, right?” I know I never did that with any girls that I wasn’t with, or at least wanted to be with…it sends out VERY clear ‘couple-y’ vibes…but it’s not definitive. But they sure got their flirt on during that episode.

Finally, E3…the two of them are going on a ski trip, have a joined room (Sorry, not a single room…I think we all wish, but two rooms with a shared bathroom, as I understand it) and again, are all over each other in every way except physically. And then the couch scene and the deleted scene…That’s when I turned to the wife and said “Ok, they’re together, whether they acknowledge it or not.”

Yeah, they were together, but not…it was just kinda sloppy if they didn’t plan on making them a couple that season, for the first several episodes, everything SCREAMED couple, and then E4-6, really nothing…E7, Annie gives Jeff the eyes to get him to go out with Pierce, and it works. Then Pierce comments appreciatively when he sees Annie texting Jeff (until he reads it…) E8 has nothing…E9 is hard to read, being puppets and all, but Annie and Jeff as puppets seem to do their normal ‘stay-within-each-others-radius-at-all-times’ thing. Jeff’s confession made me slightly uncomfortable, because no matter who you shipped him with (This was one of the first five episodes I saw, and with the Thanksgiving episode…you kinda got the idea that there was some long term flirtation with Britta. What was the line? “You’ll probably feel compelled to have sex with me?”) if you hear someone talking about having found the ‘perfect person’ for them, and it isn’t you? Well, if you’re into them…that’s no fun.

But then…E10, Annie decorates Jeff’s apartment? Everyone either asks if she’s moved in, or compliments her on ‘what she’s done with the place.’ That isn’t normal for non-couples, people. E11…When the Dean is being Jeff, she swoons. E12, nada, but E13…holy crap. Jeff is very clearly into her, and while she’s guarded (not even talking about the stuff in his head) she’s into him as well.

So yeah…it’s sloppy writing. They needed to pick a direction, and go with it, and instead, they picked ALL the directions.

Whatever our lives might have been — if the time continuum was disrupted, our destinies have changed.

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pros of long fics: well thought out, character development, builds relationships

cons of long fics: impending sense that something is going to go wrong at any moment

They’re together and happy, but there’s still ten chapters left.