Hello everybody! I'm Tawny, and this is going to be a multi-fandom blog, from
cartoons like Lok to TV shows like BSG and GoT and Sherlock and classic novels like Anne of Green Gables and more, such as history!!! There's gonna be something here for everyone! ;)

Fandoms: Ice Age, Doctor Who, Rise of the Guardians, Legend of Korra/Avatar the Last Airbender, Young Justice, How to Train Your Dragon, OUAT/OUATIW, Casson Family series, Sherlock etc.

Also, whilst this is my personal/fandom blog, it functions as a writing blog of sorts since I reblog so many writing tips and helps.

I'd also like to say that I post a LOT of Ice Age posts on this blog (ranging from meta to fic to speculation to general discussion), and get a lot of Ice Age anons nowadays, so please be aware of that before you click the follow button!

Addendum: I also write A LOT (tis my favourite thing) so don't be afraid to send me a request :) However, please be patient with me since I often get many!

Ships: Manny/Diego (bromance/BrOTP), Doctor/River (Eleven/River) (OTP), Amy/Rory (OTP) Manny/Ellie (OTP) Gwen Stacy/Peter Parker (OTP) Wally West/Artemis Crock (OTP) Korra/Tarrlok (OTP) Bolin/Korra (OTP) Katara/Aang (OTP) and others. Don't be afraid to send me an ask if you want me to write a pairing!





ok but seriously, if anyone argues that Frozen has the best ice in animation, all you’d have to do is show them this jfc

this is from Dreamworks’ ”Rise of the Guardians.”

Your move, Disney.




Different Sherlock portrayals as cats. Because I can.

House is the uncontrollable crazy cat.

Robert Downey Jr. cat is the flaunting type.

BBC Sherlock is the brooding cat.

Elementary Sherlock is the cuddly one.

Canon Sherlock is an awesome YouTube keyboard cat that Watson is always impressed by.

lunarblue21 asked
Hey Ani! Sorry for taking suuuch a long time to reply to our little asks convo we were starting about homeschooling. Hehe, you must've noticed because of my vocabulary in the reblog convo ;) And yup, my family did Robinson too, but we didn't take it that seriously. I tended to just pick and choose books I preferred to read from that curriculum (I was also doing - but never finished - the Starting Points curriculum) and I'm in it anymore because once we hit college we were out of hs. (homeschool)


No problem! I did the same in return by accident :P

NO WAY, YOURE A ROBINSON KID TOO? Geez, what a coincidence! Well, I actually only did RC towards the end, and did Comprehensive Curriculum for the majority. Reading was crucial to my learning experience though. I did the same as you then; I read about 50 of the 350 assigned books and substituted the rest. My knowledge doubled AFTER graduating, because I picked my own subjects and books to learn them by. I’m very well read and the history channel is my life, so I guess it’s amazing what you pick up when you CARE.

YEP, college is the final frontier. Although, following the homeschool pattern, I picked up a work-from-home, on-your-own-hours job of freelance writing! So if I go to college, it’ll be for my Bachelors in English, and I’m fairly confident I’ll skate right through. What about you!

did you mean to make this public? I hope it won’t be a problem if I reblog it! 

hehe, I really only did RC near the end as well, as a child my mom mainly nourished us on the KONUS curriculum, which was really fun and in later years I ended up rereading the curriculum again and appreciating all the grammar teaching etc. 

I’m very well read too, and in fact I enjoy reading the dictionary and encyclopedia! (and that means pretty much anyone I can find) I also enjoy the History channel too. 

About college… I’ve gone to a community college nearby in Longmont after taking some extra-curricular courses with the Options school programme. After that, I haven’t really considered anything. 

Oooh, how is freelance writing? I’ve seen online that it’s a good way of making money, but I don’t where or to to go to find a good place to get hired for doing that.